Luke + Ellie's is a handmade company specializing in dog collars, leashes, bow ties and more. This business was started in 2015 by then 21 year old Danielle and is based out of Amesbury, Massachusetts. 

Luke + Ellie's is a brand that is dedicated to providing fashionable, high quality gear for our four legged friends. Luke + Ellie's is inspired by popular culture, current fashion trends, and bright bold patterns. Grab something unique and handmade in our shop and forget about those plain, unoriginal collars you see at the corporate pet stores. A purchase from Luke + Ellie's is not only supporting a small, handmade business, it is supporting a young womans' dream and future. 

History of Luke+Ellies



March 2015: Luke+Ellies was founded under a different name, Inglewood Farm, by then 21 year old Danielle. We started out selling homemade, gourmet dog treats made in my small apartment just north of Boston. 

September 2015: Danielle taught herself how to sew and decided to start selling dog collars, thus ending her treat baking.

October 2015 - July 2017: Danielle moved from her small desk in the living room to the guest room to have more space for storage and production.

July 2017: Inglewood Farm rebranded and changed its name to Luke+Ellies.

August 2017: Luke+Ellies opened their stand alone website, and relocated to Vermont.

July 2018: Luke and Ellies moved back to north shore Massachusetts


The Faces Behind Luke+Ellies



Danielle loves swimming, camping and spending quality time with her pups and her family. 

Ellie, my almost 3 year old rescue girl. She is part lab, pointer and we think she is also part Italian greyhound. She loves to run, snuggle and wrestle with her little brother. 

Luke, our one and half year old golden retriever. He is a total ham that loves to chew on anything he can get his paws on, play with his sister and meet new people and new puppy friends.









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